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Appliance Repair Services in Brampton

Did you know that forming a good relationship with a quality appliance repair company in Brampton can save you time and money? When your fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, stove, or air conditioner is broken, you’ll want a knowledgeable repair technician to arrive promptly and get your household up and running again as quickly as possible!

But you may also want to hire a superior repair company to install new appliances, or to conduct occasional maintenance or safety checks. Did you know that dryer lint can build up inside the machine, posing a fire hazard? Or that your microwave may be leaking dangerous radiation? And your refrigerator or wine cooler may run more efficiently and last longer if its condenser is cleaned periodically.

You should research companies that offer appliance repair services in the Brampton area and choose one that offers a full range of services. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship!
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Keeping Your Appliances Operating Safely

Our appliances are workhorses that keep our family lives moving ahead smoothly. Most of us are careful to clean and maintain them in order to keep them operating efficiently. But many people don’t realize that certain appliances may need to be monitored in order to keep them safe for use.

Seal Microwave Radiation


We all know that being subjected to high levels of radiation can be dangerous to our health. Microwave ovens are generally considered to be safe, as the radiation they employ is contained. However, over time, leaks may develop. If your microwave is leaking, you may unwittingly be subjecting yourself to small levels of radiation. While small microwave leaks will probably not cause any health issues, it’s always best to be safe. Better appliance repair companies offer "safety checks” for your microwave to ensure that the seal is tight, preventing leaks.


Deep-Clean Your Dryer


Another appliance that can pose a safety hazard is the dryer. Even if you regularly clean the lint trap, you will not keep lint from escaping into the machine. The lint that gathers around the drum can reduce the efficiency of the appliance as well as posing a fire hazard. It’s estimated that built-up lint inside dryer cabinets causes about 15,000 house fires per year. A good appliance repair company can check for lint and clean your dryer, ensuring your family stays safe and dry!

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